• galvanized wire wipes
wipes for galvanized wires

What Are Wire Wipes?

Wire Wipes are yellow aramid and fiberglass rectangular pads used primarily to wipe excess zinc coating from galvanized wire.

In most cases, there are two (2) pads placed in a holder to apply pressure on the wire to wipe excess zinc and clean the wire.

The most popular sizes are 1″(25mm) x 2″(50mm) and 1″(25mm) x 3″(75mm), but we have many different sizes available in standard or metric sizes. Contact us today to get a quote!

Manufactured in the USA. Shipped Globally.

How Do Wire Wipes Work?

Wire Wipes work best in a galvanizing wire line. They are positioned so that the wire exits the zinc bath and goes directly into the wipe set. The wire runs along the length of the set between the wipes.

A screw pushes on a plate that forces the wipe set together. On the exit side of the wipe set a quench tube is forced into the end of the wipe set. The quench tube has clean cold water injected into it close to the wipe set.

The water is sealed by the wipe set at the point of contact so it spills out the downstream side of the quench tube into a water tank which re-circulates the water.

galvanized wire wipes